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Dream Tyrant

Welcome to the Wasteland Nocturnal, the official home of Dream Tyrant on the web.

Dream Tyrant is a metal band, conceived and founded by vocalist Claus Appel and guitarist Jacob Collstrup in 2003 in the towns of Lynge and Farum, Denmark. We play a combination of power metal, black metal and death metal: Brutal, but also epic and melodic.

The Current Status

Dream Tyrant is disbanded. The line-up is fired and the band placed on hold. Only Claus Appel remains. The band is not hiring new musicians at this time. Dream Tyrant will rise again some time in the future, when the stars are right. (Cthulhu fhtagn!)

Dream Tyrant Forum

The Dream Tyrant webforum is where news and announcements are posted, and a way for people to contact or discuss the band. Powered by Conforums.


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